The Special Committee on Electoral Reform is looking for input and thoughts from Yukoners about electoral reform in the Territory - if you’d like to see our electoral system change, and if so, how.

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Types of Electoral Systems

There are four broad categories of electoral systems: Plurality, Majority, Proportional Representation, and Mixed.


Candidates win seats by having the highest number(s) of votes in their district.

First Past The Post (This is the system we currently use)

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Candidates win seats by having a majority of votes in their district.

Alternative Vote

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Proportional Representation

Candidates win seats as a function of the proportion of votes won by their party in their district.

Single Transferable Vote

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A portion of seats are awarded according to one electoral system (ie. plurality/majority), while another portion is awarded according to another (ie. proportional representation).

Mixed Member Proportional

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Are Yukon Elections Changing?

As of right now? No.

This is not a referendum on electoral reform. The Special Committee is simply inviting Yukoners to offer their opinions on whether or not they are interested in electoral reform, and if so, to consider the various options that could be viable in the Yukon.

The Special Committee will report to the Legislative Assembly on its findings and recommendations, accordingly.

About the Special Committee

The Special Committee on Electoral Reform is an all-party committee of the Legislative Assembly tasked with examining electoral reform and reporting to the Legislative Assembly on its findings and recommendations. To that end, the Special Committee is committed to informing and consulting Yukoners on the potential of changing our electoral system and the possible options therein.

As part of this process, the Special Committee commissioned Dr. Keith Archer - an Elections Consultant and former Chief Electoral Officer for Elections BC - to provide a report on potential options for electoral reform. The final report outlined a variety of possible options suited to the Yukon.

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How Can I Participate?

Now is the time to get involved in helping determine if Yukon votes differently in the future, and if so, how.

There are many ways for you to share your opinions and make your voice heard:

Submit your feedback directly using our contact form

Come out to upcoming public meetings

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